Goldcrest Valley Plus Plus v2.1

This is the last update, until in the present for Goldcrest Valley Plus Plus with version 2.1 with more fixes and additions.

Version 2.1:
– Updated the kotte trailers pack ( trailers now have association pipe introduced)
– Added portage crossing, close to the edge of field 23
– Updated the texture script v2.1.2
– Updated the log programmer, blend feeders and fermenter to the v1.2.0.1 script ( now all ought to have storehouse triggers and can be exhausted by trailer)
– Added Bio diesel refinery of AUWGL close to the dairy(milksell) and current sawmill
– Updated the milk triggers v1.2 (now milk offers at the right cost as opposed to a large portion of the price, which it did with the old triggers)
– Updated seasons administrator v0.3.1
– Added soybean production line (inputs soybean, water and fuel yields slurry, pigfood and soya drain which can be sold by means of the dairy/drain trigger)

– Author: farmerads

Farming Simulator 2017 mod

Goldcrest Valley Plus Plus v2.1 – 1.1 GB – 1.1 GB


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