Ponsse Bear Harvester v1.0

Ponsse Bear Harvester v1.0 with 290HP, speed max 20km/h, crane controls and many others.

– The Crane controls are fitted to the Bufallo Scorpion King and work flawlessly
– Drive Control change operates
– The Particle Effects are fitted to the FS17
– All Configs are reworked
– Appearance pick is available of course and for Rims
– Added a Cockpit Camera, which follows the movings of the Cutting head
– All Lights are working and completely reworked for FS17

– Credits: Giants, Zoltan Molnar, Endless Dark

Farming Simulator 2017 mod

Ponsse Bear Harvester v1.0

FS17_ponsse_bear.zip – 30.0 MB
FS17_ponsse_bear.zip – 30.0 MB

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